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Newt Gingrich Creating an America that Works Becoming The Paycheck President not The Food Stamp President?

Yes that was the Gingrich plan unveiled in a firestorm of comments surrounding the former house speaker’s willingness to go the NAACP and tell African Americans they should demand paychecks not food stamps. This was followed by a town hall in New Hampshire where he accused the media of distorting his ideas and how the

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Campaign Reality Check Wealth, Education And Beyond

It seems every election season there is a debate surrounding at least one candidate and their wealth, one candidate and their Ivy League education, which candidate is telling the truth or most of it.  From how they made their money, did they inherit it, to how much they pay, or rather don’t pay, in taxes,

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Illegal Aliens Are Human Not Little Green Beings From Mars

That’s a version of what immigration law protesters’ signs say, trying to remind citizens in some of the toughest immigration areas that illegals, as they are often called, are still, first and foremost, human, deserving to be treated as such. A message that was reinforced when the justice department cracked down on Arizona sheriff Joe

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